Dario Pirali: “Maastricht, here I come!”

Dario Pirali: “Maastricht, here I come!”

2 december 2020 0 Door admin

May I introduce myself: I’m Dario, an Italian (ex)student and want to start a study at Maastricht. To finance this study I’m looking for a job in The Netherlands in a technical organisational environment. Who can help me to contacts in The Netherlands?

My competences are: Determination – Stress resistance – Planning and organising – Analytical skills.

WANTED: An opportunity to find a job in a technical organisational environment. Can you help me find an occupation where planning and organizing are the basics to carry out an efficient working activity.

WHO: My name is Dario Pirali, I’ve graduated from the A. Volta aeronautical technical school with the highest grades, my dream job is to become an Air Traffic Controller in a big airport but my greatest ambition is to go even further.

WHAT: Now that I’ve completed my basic studies in the civil aviation field, I’m ready and determined to prove myself, searching for jobs where organization and precision are crucial. My experience has shaped me to handle high amounts of stress and with the help of my analytical skills I’ve become capable of resolving various complicated situations. Now I’m fully prepared to take the necessary responsibilities, to become a helping part of society.

WHY: The Netherlands could help me to visualize another point of view when it comes to society and culture, so that in the end I could improve my competencies, my future studies and at last myself as a person.

MY GOAL: Immerse myself and integrate in the cultural, working and social environment, so that in the future I can finish my studies and achieve my dream job.

HOW LONG: Minimum 4 months

LOCATION: Distance from Maastricht is no problem, I’m used to travel. I want to keep all options open.

NOTE: The most important thing is to finance my study. Of course I would prefer to work in a technical organisational environment, but alternative jobs are welcome!

I would like to start this new period of my life as soon as possible, I’m ready to consider any offer so if it is possible, sharing would be much appreciated. You can contact me by Email and visit my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for your help. Best regards, hope to see you soon in The Netherlands, Dario Pirali